Native Information Technologies is wholly owned and operated by its employees. We proudly serve the greater Piedmont region of North Carolina providing professional I.T. solutions to our clients, primarily in the healthcare, retail, service, and entertainment sectors. As a team, we continue to push ourselves to be the best and brightest; to work collaboratively, think critically, and act with the integrity and empathy that honors and reflects the trust that our clients extend to us every day.

Together the technicians, engineers, and account executives at Native I.T. have more than a century’s worth of combined I.T. experience and training, as well as a number of other useful and relevant skills that have enabled them to become successful entrepreneurs as well as accomplished engineers and technicians. We emphasize creativity, charisma, expression, and continual learning. You might be surprised to know how useful a fundamental understanding of particle physics can be to producing a market research report, or how much easier it is to take on a huge structured cabling challenge if you’ve just been back from cliff diving in Costa Rica. We believe a diverse and rounded set of experiences and personalities creates an environment where we are all working at our best.

Collectively, we value the diversity, well-being, and prosperity of our community. With that in mind, Native I.T. is committed to serving our clients and realizing our business’ goals–all while fostering the progress and betterment of our neighbors and community. We believe that information has an innate power. The power to make our jobs easier, our society safer, our children smarter, our world more productive, more equitable, more peaceful, more sustainable. Native I.T.’s mission is to use ingenuity, innovation, curiosity, and the indomitable spirit of human progress to harness those potentials.