Does your business have a plan in place for what to do if your data is lost or your systems go down? Do you know how much a service interruption could cost in terms of lost revenue, productivity, opportunities, or consumer confidence? Even if there are backup systems in place, are there clear and easy to follow guidelines on how to access and utilize those resources in the event of a crash?

A robust backup and recovery strategy is more than just good software and an external hard drive. It begins with preparation, training, and solid planning. The results are the confidence and peace of mind that the continuity of your business is guaranteed. Whether it’s a utility outage, a malware attack, a hardware failure, or even just a simple mistake–interruptions in day-to-day processes can be very costly, and it isn’t a matter of if it will happen, it’s a matter of when. 

Native I.T. begins every relationship with the simple philosophy of striving for the best while preparing for whatever may happen. If your current I.T. service provider is not furnishing you with clear and complete documentation that includes a tailor-made strategy for responding to each and every threat to business continuity, along with one-on-one training for when and how to take action, then they are leaving you exposed to a number of very real, very dangerous, and very preventable circumstances.

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