I.T. Services Consulting

I.T. Services Consulting

When Jeter Chiropractic began looking for replacements to their electronic patient records and clinic management software, they asked us to research and prepare a report regarding one of the leading providers of chiropractic clinic management systems–Chirotouch. We reached out to Chirotouch engineers to establish the recommended requirements for hosting their software, evaluated the implications for storing patient records locally in terms of HIPAA compliance, and prepared a detailed estimate of the costs involved with the migration. Shortly after, we provisioned the necessary hardware, configured the new office server, established the required security provisions to comply with HIPAA privacy and security rules, and managed the migration from start to finish.

Jeter Chiropractic has been using Chirotouch for two years now successfully. It has improved their clinic’s workflow and productivity, and given them greater control over their resources.


DATE: 2018/08/22
CLIENT: Jeter Chiropractic Clinic
SKILLS: I.T. Consulting / HIPAA Compliance / Business Management Software